Migo picks up Starvision titles for low-cost no-data-required Indonesian streaming service (ContentAsia)


Low-cost mass-market streaming platform Migo has added a bundle of titles from Indonesian production house Starvision to its domestic serve.


Titles available for download at Migo’s physical booths around Jakarta include “Dua Garis Biru”, “Cek Toko Sebelah” and “Yowis Ben” 1 and 2.


Migo is available in Indonesia in four packs – Rp 3,000/US$ 0.21 a day, Rp 5,000/US$ 0.35 for three days, Rp 10,000/US$ 0.70 for seven days and Rp 30,000/US$ 2.10 a month – for unlimited viewing.


As seen in ContentAsia: https://www.contentasia.tv/news/migo-picks-starvision-titles-low-cost-no-data-required-indonesian-streaming-service