Migo celebrates 17 August with a gift for every Agus

JAKARTA, 17 AUGUST 2021 – Great news for everyone named Agus this August! In commemoration of Independence Day, the innovative Indonesian digital distributor Migo launched “Agus Bebas Nonton Sepuasnya Bulan Agustus.” Migo is giving everyone named Agus a free 1-week pass to enjoy their favorite movies and series without quota, without buffering and without ads.


Migo knows every Agus’s awesomeness is as diverse as Indonesia, so Agus of all shapes and sizes are celebrated – male or female, young or old. If you’re named Agus, all you need to do is visit your nearest warung Migo (wargo), show your valid ID, and download the Migo app to claim your free 1-week Migo pass. You can then use the free pass to download and watch the best content from Migo’s platform.


For the month of August, in celebration of Indonesian Independence Day, Migo is featuring diverse, spectacular Indonesian content, with new releases such as Satria Garuda BIMA-X, Merah Putih, 5 Elang, Hati Merdeka and Sang Kiai. Migo is also celebrating its existing library of diverse, patriotic titles, such as Garuda di Dadaku 1, Garuda di Dadaku 2, Soekarno, 3 Srikandi, Sang Pencerah, Kartini, Cek Toko Sebelah, 3: Alif Lam Mim, Laskar Pelangi, Gundala and many more! All available for lightning-fast download at your local wargo, with downloads taking just one minute per film.


“As a digital distributor championing local content, we are always looking to bring more of Indonesia’s history and culture to every Indonesian. “Agus Bebas Nonton Sepuasnya Bulan Agustus” allows us to commemorate Independence Day, while reminding us of all the contributions Agus’s have made to Indonesia. From Independence hero Agus Salim and film star Ringgo Agus Rahman to chicken magnate Agus Pranomo and Pak Agus that runs the warung down the street, so many Agus’s have contributed so much to our great country.” said Dan Connor, President Director of Migo Indonesia.



Migo levels the digital playing field for 3 billion under-innovated consumers – bringing the best bits of the internet to the local corner store, across the emerging world.


After bringing reading into the digital era, Kindle tech inventor Barrett Comiskey built Migo’s disruptive unique ecosystem solution to provide affordable access to digital products and services. Backed by Temasek, blue chip VCs and key industry insiders, Migo delivers data 40 times cheaper than the best telco alternative. Migo’s cost advantage is projected to grow over time as data consumption increases.


Migo launched in Indonesia in 2020, and currently has over 200 locations across Jakarta and West Java. Its product is micro-subscription (“sachet”) passes providing customers access to entertainment, education, financial products and other relevant digital lifestyle services at the neighborhood cloud (aka Migo Download Station/MDS) hosted at convenient retail locations.