Migo Announces Acquiring Over 1 Million Customers, Network Now Covers More Than 20 Million Indonesians



Disruptive digital distributor Migo today announced it has registered over one million customers in Indonesia. Its one millionth registered customer Kurnia is a 30-year old housewife. She is only one of the two hundred million plus Indonesians starved for rich digital consumption. Migo targets this segment, “the big middle,” which is comprised of prepaid mobile-only customers who make small but frequent purchases at corner stores. This big middle includes everyone from college students, shopkeepers, motorcycle taxi drivers, blue-collar workers, vendors, and others.

Since launching in June 2020 at the onset of the pandemic, Migo has rapidly grown to 1,200 locations. Its network now covers a population of about 25 million people and is on a path to cover over 100 million Indonesians by end-2022. Delivering the best digital products to convenient retail locations, Migo zero-rates data delivery costs to the mass market and allows them to consume unlimited gigabytes offline and on-demand.

By placing its Migo Download Stations (MDS) in corner stores, Migo allows customers to pick up videos, educational content, podcasts, and other digital products in locations they already go to every day. This is why Migo considers itself as a retailer, like a “Digital 7 Eleven” where customers can choose from a well-curated selection of digital products. “Migo is not the internet. We do not have every single thing you can find online, but we have the best parts of the internet. Like the tried and tested corner store, we don’t have everything but we have most of what you need and want,” said Barrett Comiskey, Migo’s Founder.

He also added, “Our vision is to be the preferred mass distribution platform of choice for digital products. We have rolled out the network at scale and acquired our first million customers. This accelerates our flywheel. As we further scale the network to achieve higher population coverage and acquire more customers, digital product providers increasingly want to work with us. A wider product offering then attracts more customers which draws even more attention from larger partners, ultimately leading to the best product to drive customer engagement and transactions.”

In parallel to further scaling the network, Migo plans to increase penetration, by overlaying onto existing community-level social networks and influencers. In Q4 last year, Migo massively rolled out the Agency program. “Agents” could be anyone within Migo’s covered areas, often existing power users or key micro-influencers in the neighborhood. They are incentivized through commissions to onboard customers and walk them through every step (from the initial app download to their very first movie viewing) and encourage them to keep coming back. This fosters a sense of community among users and allows Migo to efficiently acquire lasting customers.

One power user, Arthur, went from being a Manager at a Burger King branch to a full-time Migo Agent. “I’ve always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur. When I first learned about Migo, I thought it was just a good side hustle to increase my income, but I quickly learned that I could earn a lot more if I focus 100% of my time on it. That’s when I decided to resign from my job and even invited my girlfriend to work with me in promoting Migo,” he said. Since joining in September 2021, Arthur has created Migo watch clubs and has been regularly organizing group viewing events. These efforts combined with his promotions on social media and via Whatsapp have allowed him to onboard over 3,000 customers since becoming a Migo agent.

The Agency Program has so far been successful as the main vector for Migo’s customer acquisition. Its low- and variable-cost (commission-based) structure allows Migo to onboard customers cost-effectively, leaving large margins for profitability even when serving low-ARPU customers. This in turn allows major OTTs and other digital product providers to reach the untapped emerging market via Migo.

Migo’s solution can be replicated in other mass markets beyond Indonesia. The company envisions serving the other 3 billion emerging market consumers. In parallel to scaling aggressively in Indonesia this year, Migo is preparing for the launch of its second market, the Philippines where the company has previously conducted successful technical and consumer trials.

In advance of the launch, Migo is cutting deals with major onshore players to accelerate its rollout and further increase the appeal of its offering. Ongoing discussions include a leading media and entertainment company, FMCG company with $1 billion in annual revenues, leading e-wallet provider, largest telco load distributor and others.

By end of 2022, Migo Philippines aims to cover most of Luzon and be on a path to rapidly catching up to Indonesia.

About Migo

Migo levels the digital playing field for 3 billion under-innovated consumers – bringing the best bits of the internet to the corner store, across the emerging world.

After bringing reading into the digital era, Kindle tech inventor Barrett Comiskey built Migo’s disruptive unique ecosystem solution to provide affordable access to digital products and services. Backed by Temasek, YouTube’s Co-Founding CTO, blue chip VCs, and key industry insiders, Migo can permanently zero-rate data costs for mobile-only consumers.

Migo launched in Indonesia in 2020 and today has over 1,200 locations covering 25 million Indonesians. In September 2021, MNC Vision Networks (MVN), a subsidiary of leading media conglomerate MNC Group, invested $40 million for a minority stake in Indonesia.

Migo carries movies and tv series from a range of top local and international providers; educational content from high-quality Indonesian EdTech players as well as from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology; and podcasts. Migo also plans to launch additional verticals including Music, Ebooks, Games, Digital Financial Services and Offline E-commerce in the next couple of years.

For more information, you can refer to the Migo PR Pack link.