Migo and Surge Partner to Offer In-Transit Entertainment to Millions of Daily Train Commuters


Friday, August 19, 2022 – Surge, a leading connectivity, media, and entertainment company and Migo, Indonesia’s most accessible digital content distributor, today announced a partnership that will bring Migo’s selection of movies, series, and podcasts to millions of train commuters.

Surge is already offering connectivity options through access points located in over 530 stations and 80 trainsets, making in-transit entertainment possible for millions of daily train commuters.

Migo has established a strong presence in over 1,400 neighborhood corner stores covering a population of 25M Indonesians who frequently visit these corner stores. Through Migo Download Stations (MDS), users can easily access premium content in a low-cost, convenient manner, with a high-quality viewing experience.

With this novel partnership, Migo will deploy its MDS alongside Surge existing access points in 200+ stations and 30+ trainsets in 2022. This partnership is the first time Migo will be co-locating in mass transit locations, doubling Migo’s population coverage and opening the door to other types of in-transit entertainment (Inflight, on ships).

Surge will be able to provide its users with long-form video entertainment such as movies and series, which are notoriously bandwidth heavy. Commuters will be able to conveniently pick up hours of entertainment to better enjoy their daily commute.

Migo founder Barrett Comiskey said, “Beyond warungs, co-locating with mass transit is the next logical step in integrating into everyday Indonesians’ daily routines.”

Barrett also added “Our research shows that train commuters have a higher propensity to pay for premium digital content. With that in mind and given our current penetration metrics, we are targeting 5m acquired customers within the first year.

On Migo’s strategy, Barrett commented “We’re building a highly-distributed edge network enhancing ISPs, telcos, satellite companies, and other internet connectivity providers like Surge to bring digital products and content from OTTs to otherwise unreachable mass market consumers.

About Surge:

Surge is one of the leading internet connectivity, daily needs fulfillment, media, and entertainment companies in Indonesia that has spread its portfolio across Indonesia, becoming the preferred partner for internet connectivity as well as extensive use cases to service the community.

About Migo:

Migo is an innovation company uniquely and exclusively focused on bridging the data divide in emerging markets, with its disruptive unique ecosystem solution providing affordable access to digital products and services, available at convenient neighborhood locations.